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#ChooseRespect is a project which aims to counter hate speech against migrants and refugees in the context of the European Parliament elections in May 2019.

Polling suggests that up to a third of seats in the election may be won by candidates from the populist right wing - futher entrenching xenophobia in European politics.

At the same time, hate speech against migrants and refugees - often fuelled by misinformation - has become a huge challenge, particularly on the internet where it can be spread easily and anonymously.

This website is a resource which seeks to provide Europe's voters with the tools to make informed opinions about migration policy, and to counter anti-migrant hate speech wherever they may encounter it - at home, at work or on the internet.

Equipped with an understanding of the facts behind the rhetoric, and by building narratives which promote understanding rather than division, we hope Europe will #ChooseRespect in 2019.


#ChooseRespect is a project by the Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA). Founded in Brussels in 1979, we work on behalf of the Quaker community in Europe to promote peacebuilding and human rights at the European level. We perform this work through a blend of policy research, political advocacy and "quiet diplomacy" - discreet engagement with key stakeholders.

Our work is inspired by the values of peace, justice and equality which Quakers have held dear for centuries. These values have inspired Quakers to take leading roles in extraordinary social and political causes, from prison reform to the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.


Quakers also have a long history of work with refugees, winning the 1947 Nobel Peace Prize for their relief efforts, and it is in this tradition that we have launched the #ChooseRespect project.


We are politically neutral and receive no funding from the EU or national governments. More than half of all our income takes the form of donations from Quaker individuals and groups.

For more information about QCEA, please visit our website.


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